How to use the cards ?

Here are different ways to use the cards at work, as a manager or a consultant.

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Basic use: self coaching

When you are looking for inspiration, a thought to reflect upon, an answer to a question, draw a card for yourself. The quality that you will pick will accompany you during the whole day. You can pick a different card every day all along the year.

Practical use: as an icebreaker or as a facilitating tool

A tool that helps you to welcome others, start a meeting, and connect people in a training session. It helps the exchange of views and can also help start or conclude a discussion on a specific topic.

Photo language

To introduce oneself or to look for answers about oneself via oneor several cards.

Educational use

The cards can also be used to help organisations reflect on their values or to communicate about them, in a recruitment process for instance. For teams or businesses that do not have clearly identified values, this cards set can help clarify and define their key values.

Strategic use

These cards are useful in strategic workshops or team building events to work out the values system of these entities. In marketing terms, they can help with clarifying a trade mark positioning.

Group dynamics

To start a group interaction gently in a non-threatening way. It can be useful to define the values of a group or team and to clarify the group mindset.

Playful use

With its 7 families of 7 cards each + 3 jokers, this cards set can be used to play the traditional Happy Families game.

Personal Development

Think about an objective or a project you wish to achieve or a question and draw 3 cards.
• The first one represents your current mindset towards your objective.
• The second one represents your desired situation and leads towards achieving your objective.
• The third one represents the resource(s) that will help you overcome the obstacles on the way.

A resource for coaching and reflection

Wether on your own, or in a coaching situation, these cards can be used for inspiration, a source of personal progress or an answer to a question.

Ethical and Fun

A great value gift to be given for Christmas or for any special occasion.

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